About Us

The Original Travelling Eco-Store

Two adults, four kids, a puppy and a caravan.
Travelling Australian with a free spirit, a deep thirst for adventure and a heart for conservation.
Encouraging others as we go to do their bit for conservation and say no to single use plastics!
Welcome to Caravan of Conservation, led by me – earth mama Theresa Schlink, with the support of my husband Ben, and our little sidekicks Noah, Harper, Willow and Solly and of course – our pup, Sunny!
As a mum of a big family who loves to explore, I’m soulfully aware of our impact on the earth. I’m driven to learn more and teach my children about how we can conserve our precious planet.

That’s why I created Caravan of Conservation.
We are far from perfect but together, every change no matter how small, matters!